2022 RF Events Challenge Series

The 2022 Challenge Series will consist of twelve month-long personal challenges for each month of 2022. The challenges will vary each month in structure (miles, minutes, etc.). So check them all out for a fun and diverse year of fitness.

You can collect a challenge patch each month to add to your series tote bag. The patches can be purchased on the monthly swag pages, after registering for the event.

January Calendar Event


Join the fitness challenge where you use your active minutes to unlock Michigan winter adventures!

February Calendar Event


What's more fun than a frog? A frozen little frog who keeps you company while you get your running or walking miles in during the month!

March Calendar Event


Let's celebrate the Baby Goat's 34th trip around the sun with month-long run/walk PARTY challenge!

April Calendar Event


Join us between Tiger's Home Opener and Michigan Trout season opener...for a troutin' good time! You've got 23 days to finish 60K!

May Calendar Event


The Head Goat is going streaking. Join Randy for at least a mile a day for the month of May, it's a sneaky way to get in a 50K!

June Calendar Event


It's time to hit the virtual road! Join us on a virtual run/walk/exercise tour of Michigan-made food destinations!

July Calendar Event


Join us for a "triathlon-style" challenge! All miles or minutes can be completed doing ANY water-based, wheel-based, or foot-based activity!

August Calendar Event


Join us for 1 walking or running mile a day for the month of August, it's a sneaky way to get in a 50K! Walk, skip, hop, jump, jog, run... your choice!